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ACS does not own or manage any aircraft; however, we arrange literally thousands of air charters every year with a value of over $400 million. ACS has offices all over the world and 250 staff and aviation professionals.Air Charter Prices

With that colossal buying power, Air Charter Service can demand the lowest contract prices from all of the top carriers and build a commercial offering that makes our rates extremely competitive.

Not only can we save our clients money, we can also supply the newest and most luxurious aircraft available. Air safety is a priority concern and this is something we know our clients appreciate.

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Jet Charter Rates

Aircraft availability changes all of the time, so it would not be appropriate to list going rates for particular aircraft online. Instead either call +1 516 432 5901 or send a flight enquiry and Air Charter Service will have three competitive charter quotations on your desk within hours. We save our clients' money by passing on the savings resulting from our unique competitive bidding process.

ACS has been arranging private charters since 1990, but don't take our word for it, let ACS prove its worth through cost savings and its renowned levels of service.


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