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Citation Bravo Aircraft

The Citation Bravo is Cessna’s follow-on from the Citation II, and although it is similar in terms of price, the Bravo easily outshines its predecessor in terms of performance. This is mainly down the two Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines Cessna used for this model.

The Bravo also shed 150 lbs of fuel carrying capacity and gained a larger maximum payload, but is actually more fuel efficient than its predecessor, not to mention many of its competitors. The Bravo received an updated landing gear which makes for extremely smooth landings and easy taxiing over rough runways, while Cessna also updated the cabin environment by installing a computerized pressure control, and updated the avionics with new computerized mapping, weather and air traffic systems.

Citation Bravo Aircraft Information
In brief: Basically an improved Citation II with additional baggage space, made popular by Millionaires.
Passenger Capacity: 7
Speed (mph): 397 mph
Range: 1797 sm
Cabin Width: 4.90 ft
Cabin Height: 4.90 ft
Cabin Length: 16.10 ft
Lavatory Style: Full
Luggage: 74 cu. ft
Catering Services - Yes
Citation Bravo Light Jet

* A standard suitcase is 5 cu.ft

The increased range capabilities of the Cessna Citation Bravo give it a real competitive edge over other private light jets, while its ability to make use of shorter airstrips mean that clients have a greater range of destination airports to choose from. The attention to detail applied in updating the Bravo’s interior makes for one of the most comfortable light jets on the market. Cessna’s engineers fitted the cabin with an interior shell surrounded by insulation to cut out all unwanted low frequency noise and ensure a pleasant, quiet flight for all on board. There is an increased external baggage capacity of 73 cubic feet, as well as a number of interior storage solutions, including a compartment next to the private lavatory, as well as drawers beneath each of the seats.

The aircrews piloting Citation Bravo have flying experience far exceeding any FAA requirements. All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. ACS have access to the entire range of Light jets including the Westwind 1 and the Westwind 2 available for private charter. .

To charter a Citation Bravo please call New York +1 516 432 5901  or   Los Angeles: +1 310 205 8959 or   Florida:+1 561 338 2430

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